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Goulds GS 4"Submersible Pumps 5-25gpm

Product #:  Model GS
5-25 GPM, 1/2 - 5 HP, 60Hz, Submersible Pumps
5GS, 7GS, 10GS, 13GS, 18GS & 25GS

Features and Benefits
 Powered for Continuous Operation: All ratings are within the working limits of the motor as recommended by the motor manufacturer. Pump can be operated continuously without damage to the motor.
 Field Serviceable: Units have left hand threads and are field serviceable with common tools and readily available repair parts.
 Sand Handling Design: Our face clearance, floating impeller stack has proven itself for over 40 years as a superior sand handling, durable pump design.
 FDA Compliant Non-Metallic Parts: Impellers, diffusers and bearing spiders are constructed of glass filled engineered composites. They are corrosion resistant and non-toxic.
 Discharge Head/Check Valve: Cast 303 stainless steel for strength and durability. Two cast-in safety line loops for installer convenience. The built-in check valve is constructed of stainless steel and FDA compliant BUNA rubber for abrasion resistance and quiet operation.
 Motor Adapter: Cast 303 stainless steel for rigid, accurate alignment of pump and motor. Easy access to motor mounting nuts using standard open end wrench.
 Stainless Steel Casing: Polished stainless steel is strong and corrosion resistant.
 Hex Shaft Design: Six sided shafts for positive impeller drive.
 Engineered Polymer Bearings: The proprietary, engineered polymer bearing material is strong and resistant to abrasion and wear. The enclosed upper bearing is mounted in a durable Noryl® bearing spider for excellent abrasion resistance.ITT
Engineered for life

Price:  Based on option choice


05GS05411C 1/2hp 115v 3wire w/box (+$935.00): 
05GS05411RC 1/2hp 115v 3wire w/box (+$883.00): 
05GS05412C 1/2hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$935.00): 
05GS05412RC 1/2hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$883.00): 
05GS05421C 1/2hp 115v 2wire (+$911.00): 
05GS05421RC 1/2hp 115v 2wire (+$860.00): 
05GS05422C 1/2hp 230v 2wire (+$911.00): 
05GS05422RC 1/2hp 230v 2wire (+$860.00): 
05GS07412C 3/4hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$1,143.00): 
05GS07422C 3/4hp 230v 2wire (+$1,129.00): 
05GS10412C 1hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$1,321.00): 
05GS10422C 1hp 230v 2wire (+$1,321.00): 
05GS15412C 1.5hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$1,553.00): 
05GS15422C 1.5hp 230v 2wire (+$1,554.00): 
05GS20412CL 2hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$1,846.00): 
07GS05411C 1/2hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$831.00): 
07GS05411RC 1/2hp 115v 3wire w/box (+$818.00): 
07GS05412C 1/2hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$831.00): 
07GS05412RC 1/2hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$818.00): 
07GS05421C 1/2hp 230v 2wire (+$807.00): 
07GS05421RC 1/2hp 115v 2wire (+$794.00): 
07GS05422C 1/2hp 230v 2wire (+$839.00): 
07GS05422RC 1/2hp 230v 2wire (+$826.00): 
07GS07412C 3/4hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$1,022.00): 
07GS07422C 3/4hp 230v 2wire (+$1,009.00): 
07GS10412C 1hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$1,154.00): 
07GS10422C 1hp 230v 2wire (+$1,155.00): 
07GS15412C 1.5hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$1,409.00): 
07GS15422C 1.5hp 230v 2wire (+$1,411.00): 
07GS20412CL 2hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$1,599.00): 
07GS30412CL 3hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$2,228.00): 
10GS05411C 1/2hp 115v 3wire w/box (+$734.00): 
10GS05411CL (+$655.00): 
10GS05411RC 1/2hp 115v 3wire w/box (+$728.00): 
10GS05411RCL (+$650.00): 
10GS05412C 1/2hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$734.00): 
10GS05412CL 1/2hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$655.00): 
10GS05412RC 1/2hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$728.00): 
10GS05412RCL 1/2hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$650.00): 
10GS05421C 1/2hp 230v 2wire (+$711.00): 
10GS05421RC 1/2hp 115v 2wire (+$705.00): 
10GS05422C 1/2hp 230v 2wire (+$711.00): 
10GS05422RC 1/2hp 230v 2wire (+$705.00): 
10GS07412C 3/4hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$945.00): 
10GS07412CL 3/4hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$861.00): 
10GS07422C 3/4hp 230v 2wire (+$933.00): 
10GS10412C 1hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$1,065.00): 
10GS10412CL 1hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$977.00): 
10GS10422C 1hp 230v 2wire (+$1,065.00): 
10GS15412C 1.5hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$1,345.00): 
10GS15412CL 1.5hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$1,221.00): 
10GS15422C 1.5hp 230v 2wire (+$1,347.00): 
10GS20412CL 2hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$1,410.00): 
10GS30412CL 3hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$2,012.00): 
10GS50412CL 5hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$2,879.00): 
10GS50412RCL 5hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$2,681.00): 
13GS05411C 1/2hp 115v 3wire w/box (+$824.00): 
13GS05411CL 3/4hp 115v 3wire w/no box (+$745.00): 
13GS05412C 1/2hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$824.00): 
13GS05412CL 1/2hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$745.00): 
13GS05421C 1/2hp 115v 2wire (+$801.00): 
13GS05422C 1/2hp 230v 2wire (+$801.00): 
13GS07412C 3/4hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$966.00): 
13GS07412CL 3/4hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$881.00): 
13GS07422C 3/4hp 230v 2wire (+$953.00): 
13GS10412C 1hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$1,064.00): 
13GS10412CL 1hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$977.00): 
13GS10422C 1hp 230v 2wire (+$1,064.00): 
13GS15412C 1.5hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$1,312.00): 
13GS15412CL 1.5hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$1,188.00): 
13GS15422C 1.5hp 230v 2wire (+$1,381.00): 
13GS20412CL 2hp 230v 3wire w/nobox (+$1,356.00): 
13GS30412CL 3hp 230v 3wire w/nobox (+$1,820.00): 
18GS07412C 3/4hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$952.00): 
18GS07412CL 3/4hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$867.00): 
18GS07422C 3/4hp 230v 2wire (+$939.00): 
18GS10412C 1hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$1,045.00): 
18GS10412CL 1hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$958.00): 
18GS10422C 1hp 230v 2wire (+$1,046.00): 
18GS15412C 1.5hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$1,378.00): 
18GS15412CL 1.5hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$1,246.00): 
18GS15422C 1.5hp 230v 2wire (+$1,289.00): 
18GS20412CL 2hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$1,343.00): 
18GS30412CL 3hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$1,799.00): 
18GS50412CL 5hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$2,537.00): 
18GS50412RCL 5hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$2,415.00): 
25GS10412C 1hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$1,029.00): 
25GS10412CL 1hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$943.00): 
25GS10422C 1hp 230v 2wire (+$1,030.00): 
25GS15412C 1.5hp 230v 3wire w/box (+$1,271.00): 
25GS15412CL 1.5hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$1,148.00): 
25GS15422C 1.5hp 230v 2wire (+$1,273.00): 
25GS20412CL 2hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$1,328.00): 
25GS30412CL 3hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$1,784.00): 
25GS50412CL 5hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$2,501.00): 
25GS50412RCL 5hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$2,398.00): 
5GS05411CL 1/2hp 115v 3wire w/no box (+$856.00): 
5GS05411RCL 1/2hp 115v 3wire w/no box (+$804.00): 
5GS05412CL 1/2hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$856.00): 
5GS05412RCL 1/2hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$804.00): 
5GS07412CL 3/4hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$1,058.00): 
5GS10412CL 1hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$1,229.00): 
5GS15412CL 1.5hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$1,429.00): 
7GS05411CL 1/2hp 115v 3wire w/no box (+$752.00): 
7GS05411RCL 1/2hp 115v 3wire w/no box (+$739.00): 
7GS05412CL 1/2hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$752.00): 
7GS05412RCL 1/2hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$739.00): 
7GS07412CL 3/4hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$937.00): 
7GS10412CL 1hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$1,067.00): 
7GS15412CL 1.5hp 230v 3wire w/no box (+$1,286.00): 
Price: Based on option choice

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