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GOULDS EP .4hp & 1/2hp Submersible Effluent Pumps 53gpm

Product #:  EP04 & EP05 Model 3871
Residential Wastewater
Submierslbe Effluent Pumps
EP04 & EP05 Series 3871

Features and Benefits
EP04 - Thermoplastic Semi-Open Impeller Design with Pump Out Vanes for Mechanical Seal Protection
EP05 - Thermoplastic Enclosed Design for Improved Performance
Rugged Thermoplastic Casing and Base
Cast Iron Motor Housing for Efficient Heat Transfer, Strength, and Durability
Severe Duty Rated oil and Water Resistant Power Cable

Effluent Systems
Heavy Duty Sump
Water Transfer

Price:  Based on option choice

EPO4 & EP05 Model 3871

EP0411 .4hp 115volt (+$352.00): 
EP0411A .4hp 115volt (+$381.00): 
EP0411AC .4hp 115volt (+$400.00): 
EP0411F .4hp 115volt (+$379.00): 
EP0412 .4hp 230volt (+$379.00): 
EP0412F .4hp 230volt (+$445.00): 
EP0511AC 1/2hp 115volt (+$444.00): 
EP0511F 1/2hp 115volt (+$428.00): 
EP0512F 1/2hp 230volt (+$445.00): 
Price: Based on option choice

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